Medical Micro needling

Medical micro needling

Known as skin remodeling and collagen inducing therapy.

This is excellent and clinically proved treatment to help reduce appearance of acne scaring, scars, open pores, fine lines. In aesthetic medicine it is also used to increase collagen and elastin production in skin and ultimately help with rejuvenation process.

What device do we use and why?

At Shine Medical we use Derma FSN pen – fractional needling system. The depth of the needle on the device can be controlled and adjusted by Doctor. The advantages of using DermaFSN pen are:

Adjustable needle length allows to treat different areas of the face using one device and achieve optimum result.

Small head of the device allows to treat comfortably all areas of the face including upper and lower eye lids and lips area.

Procedure is quicker that one using manual rollers.

Recovery is faster than after using manual rollers.

What happens before treatment?

You need to have a personal consultation with our practitioner: full face assessment and medical history will be checked. If you are suitable for the treatment you will be given medical skin care to prepare your skin for treatment.

Preparation may take 2-4 weeks depends on your skin type and treated condition.

What happens during the treatment?

Topical anesthetic will be applied 20-30 min before actual treatment.

Treatment itself takes 15-20 minutes.

Sensecure serum will be applied after the treatment to help reduce redness.

SFP 50 will be applied to protect your skin.

What is the recovery period ?

After the treatment your skin will be red and this will fade within 3-5 hours after the treatment.

For most people redness completely resolve within 48 – 72 hours.

You can apply yours make up next day.

What is the result and when I will see it?

Your skin will have nice natural glow and will feel tight and fresh   in about a week post treatment.

In long term – your skin will continue to improve up to 6-month post treatment.

You will see less fine lines, pores will close down and reduce appearance of scars or acne scaring.

For optimum result 3-5 treatments recommended and they can be done 4-6 weeks apart.

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Treatment Overview

Number of treatmentsNumber of treatments: 1-3

Procedure timeProcedure time: 45 minutes

Recovery PeriodRecovery Period: one days

Back to workBack to work: same day

Result durationResult duration: 24-48 hours


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