Chin and jaw contouring

Chin and jaw contouring

Do you know that now it is possible to change the shape and projection of your chin and reduce the size of your jaw line without any surgery?

With the help of latest generation Dermal fillers Juvederm Vycross range, series of anti-wrinkle injections, experience and knowledge of our aesthetic practitioners you can achieve a great result.


What does the procedure involve?

Depends on what problem we are aiming to correct the procedure will involve series of Dermal fillers and/or Botox injections.

Detail consultation should be carried with your Doctor prior the treatment ( as a rule it is done at the separate appointment before your treatment ) medical history will be checked if you are suitable for the treatment  and procedure in details will be explained. Also you will be explained what can be achieved and your preferences about aesthetic outcomes will be discussed. 

During treatment topical aesthetic will be applied when is required.

Procedure will involve series of Botox and /or Dermal fillers injections. When required your practitioner may use cannula to place dermal fillers to achieve the best aesthetic result with the minimal trauma to the skin.

Cannula - is a long blunt needle.


Is the treatment right for me?

People who will benefit from the chin and jaw contouring treatment are:

-those who have small chin

-chin that is position far back (luck of projection, common in people with class 2 div 1 dental malocclusion – overjet)

-wide angle of the jaw due to the enlarge masseter mussel (mussel that involves in mastication process)

- wide chin 

-loss of volume in the chin area

-cobblestone appearance of the chin 

-people with jowls and those who have aging changes to their chin and jaw line areas


When do I see the result?

With dermal fillers result will be seen instant following injections and last up to 12- 18 month.

With Botox injections for cobblestone chin appearance or jaw line reduction result will be seen in about 2-4 weeks and last up to 6 months.


What is the side effects?

The most common side effects are slight swelling and possible bruising at the injection side that usually resolve within few days.




Jaw size reduction with Botox   £390.00

Botox to treat cobblestone appearance of the chin £150

Dermal Fillers £300 per syringe (on average 2-3 syringes may require to treat chin and jaw line areas)



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Treatment Overview

Number of treatmentsNumber of treatments: 1

Procedure timeProcedure time: 30 minutes

Recovery PeriodRecovery Period: 2 hours

Back to workBack to work: Same day

Result durationResult duration: 6-18 month


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