Laser treatments

Laser treatments

Say hello to medical grade, SAFE, permanent laser hair removal treatments.

Which laser do we use?
We use Diode and N: dyag Lasers with the XLASE PLUS platform by Biotech Italia, we chose this system because it is considered to be the most advanced and almost pain free one of the best platforms on the market.

Who is suitable for laser hair removal?
Anyone age 18 or over who wants to have hair free smooth beautiful skin. Xlase is suitable for all skin colours and types.

What does the treatment involve?
During your consultation our aesthetician or nurse will explain thoroughly what procedure your specific treatment will involve. After attending your consultation, we will arrange a patch test 1 week before treatment.
Initially you will require 6-12 session every 4-6 weeks. For maintenance we recommend 1 session every 6 months.
-Cost effective as it gives you permanent results.
Did you know that on average women spend £4800 on lip and chin waxing £7200 on underarm waxing and £12480 on leg waxing in their life time.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?
-Book your consultation with our nurse or aesthetician
-no waxing 4 weeks prior and during the course of treatment
-no sunbeds , sun tan 2 weeks before the laser treatment
- you may want to use a hydrating body cream while having your course of treatment.
- no spray tan

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?
-permanently say goodbye to unwanted hair
-no ingrowing hair
-smooth soft skin

Laser hair removal prices
Small area £69 1 session course of 6 £331.20

Nose / Glabella / Ear lobes / Toes / Fingers / Upper Lip / Chin / Hair line / Cheeks / Sideburns Feet & toes / Hands & Fingers / Nipples / Sternum Jawline / Underarm / Bikini Line

Medium £99 1 session course of 6 475.20
Front or back of neck / Upper lip & chin / Upper or lower arms / Beard/Full neck/ Breast
Full face

Large £129 1 session course of 6 £619.20
Chest/Abdomen/ Shoulders/ Back of thighs /
Full arms/Full back/Lower legs/ Upper legs

Extra large area £159 course of 6 763.20
Full legs/Chest & Abdomen/Back & shoulders

Brazillian £79 course of 6 £379.20
Hollywood £99 course of 6 £475.20
Buttocks £89 course of 6 £427.20


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