MD codes

MD codes

What are MD Codes ™?

Dr de Maio- world leading injector and plastic surgergeon is a founder of 8 point face lift and  MD Codes™.   The concept of using MD Codes™ is instead to treat and inject Dermal fillers into the area where is a problem to treat it cause.  These are a series of formulated injections points for dermal filler, which are proven to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance, delivering natural-looking results, tailored to individual requirements.

The MD Codes™ allow for bespoke, tailor-made treatment still; however, they add a formulated structure to injecting, meaning results are far more superior, and facial anatomy and facial proportions are taken into consideration.

Applying this technique, we are take on a holistic approach to injecting. Instead of adding weight and volume to the face , the Codes target the source of the problem,  and as result you will receive a very natural fresh look.

What areas can be treated?

Dermal fillers can be used extensively across the face for rejuvenation and volume. The main areas of focus are the temples, the brow, cheeks, under eye, chin, jawline and lips.

What product are used?

We use only Allergan product Juvederm Vycross range. It consists of 3 types of fillers: Voluma, Volift and Vobella.

Voluma is a thick viscosity product use to restore volume in cheek and chin area. 

Volift medium viscosity filler that gives great lifting effect. This product is perfect for lip augmentation and treatment of mid face area.

Vobella – very soft filler that used for very delicate areas: under the eyes.


Is there is any downtime and how long the result lasts?

Treatment involve series of injections and there is possibility of small bruise and swelling associated with injection site.

Result is instant and continue to improve over the weeks after the treatment performed.

Result lasts 12- 18 month.

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Treatment Overview

Number of treatmentsNumber of treatments: 1

Procedure timeProcedure time: 30-45 minutes

Recovery PeriodRecovery Period: 2 hours

Back to workBack to work: Same day

Result durationResult duration: 9-12 month


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