Men Treatments

Anti wrinkle injections (Botox)

for men are super-popular because they provide real result and you don’t have to take any time off work. Frowed lines, wrinkles on your forehead and crow’s feets can all be corrected in about 15 minutes treatment. And as a result younger, fresher and relaxed look. Botox can also be used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating). It can help to increase your confidence and for some people it can be a life-changing treatment.


Injectable fillers

are becoming as popular as Botox for men because of the areas that can be treated with very little recovery time. Filler are usually used to replace the lost volume of your skin. Most common areas to treat: naso-labial fold, marionette lines, frown area and cheeks. You will get instant result that will last between 8 to 12 months.


Genuine Dermaroller

offers successful skin treatments for both men and women. Men use the treatment to benefit from its ability to rejuvenate the skin, getting rid of sun damage, signs of ageing(first wrinkles and fine lines) and acne scars. Men also use Dermaroller to benefit from its ability to treat hair loss and hair thinning.