Easy Phytic Peel

Easy Phytic Peel.

Siaan, Patient Coordinator and Social Media Manager shares her experience.

At Shine Medical we are always kept very busy looking after our clients and very rarely get the chance to have this miracle treatment ourselves. You might be wondering why this is a miracle treatment? The answer is simple, this treatment and in fact, all treatments that we offer are clinically tested and proved to give fantastic results which last.

“Before Christmas, the time of the year when you definitely want a shine on your skin, I was lucky enough to be offered a session of Easy Phytic skin peel. This was the first time I’d had the treatment, but after witnessing many other patients have this treatment, so I decided to try it myself. Although I have knowledge on the procedure, it’s different when you’re having the treatment yourself, so I was a little bit nervous! Olha took care of my skin and first cleansed it with the SkinTech Pre-Peel Cleanser. After this, the Easy Phytic solution (combination of Phytic, Glycolic, Lactic and Mandelic acids) was applied. It did feel strange at first, along the similar lines of the Fire & Ice Resurfacing Treatment. I felt my face heat up and it had a mild tingling sensation. It’s hard to describe unless you have had it before! I was surprised how easy and quick that treatment, and the more you have the treatment, the less the sensation bothers you. There are around 5 coats applied to the skin, and then it is massaged into the face to ensure that is evenly applied. Once this was done, a cream VitE was applied (there are different cream types depending on your skin). It was very pleasant, and cooled down any tingling sensations that were left over.

That’s it! It was a very quick and pleasant treatment .My face was slightly pink after, but this soon disappeared and I was able to go back to work. I had a lovely glow and I could already tell that my skin felt different. I was also given aftercare advice and given the relevant skin care products which including a Skin Tech cream and most importantly SPF, which we should all wear everyday anyway.

A couple of days later I had some mild dry skin appear around my nose and mouth, but this went away within a day or so. My skin felt nice , tight even and glowing for few weeks after.

I would definitely recommend this treatment. It is reasonably priced, quick and simple with lovely results.”

It has a number of benefits, which include; enhancing hydration, increasing elasticity, and aids with hyperpigmentations. This treatment is an absolute Godsend for those that suffer from acne or just want a treatment for general skin rejuvenation.
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