Vampire Facelift

Okay, so maybe the name of this treatment sounds a little scary, yes? Well let me tell you, there’s definitely no need to be afraid of this treatment! It’s promised to rejuvenate, stimulate and more importantly, help with the anti-ageing process.

The scientific stuff:

Trying not to go into too much detail and fry your brains, the idea behind this treatment (plasma rich platelets treatment commonly known as vampire facelift) is that the body’s natural healing power can reverse the ageing process. It works by placing growth factors in the particular location where we require the skin to rejuvenate and repair itself. As such, plasma treatment involves harvesting platelets from an individual’s body and injecting them into skin areas with a problem. Usually, blood is drawn from a patient’s arm. The red blood cells separate from platelet rich plasma which is rich is growth factors (proteins that heal damaged or injured skin).


The history:

Now we know roughly how it works, what about the history behind the Vampire facelift? Well, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has been in the scene for some years in orthopedics, dentistry, and sports medicine to treat injured muscles and ligaments, skin lesions as well as pain problems. The success of the procedure in medicine led to the development of a cosmetic procedure- Vampire facelift.


The process:

As earlier mentioned, vampire facial treatment involves harvesting platelets from a patient’s blood and injecting it into skin areas thus various nicknames like Dracula Therapy and Vampire Facelift. Prior to the procedure, blood is drawn out from a patient and placed in a centrifuge to allow the platelet plasma to separate from the red blood cells. The platelet plasma (rich in growth factors) is injected into the skin (face) where it is believed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Once the platelet plasma is injected, it releases growth factors causing the surrounding cells to increase in volume; one such cell is the fibroblast cell that is responsible for producing collagen. Another cell stimulated during the procedure is the preadipocyte cell, a cell that converts into fat cell thus filling out lines on the face. The procedure is performed around the mouth, nose, eyes, and backs of the hands as well as the knees to give the skin a radiant look.

The whole process takes about one hour. The best results are obtained by repeating the procedure 3 or 4 times at one month intervals, and then once a year following that.


Indications and contraindications:


Fine lines & wrinkles

Dull , dry skin

Treatment clinically proved to be effective for early signs of hair loss



Contraindication: the treatment in contraindicated in:

Patients who are severely septic.

Patients allergic to frozen plasma.

Patients suffering from hypocalcemia as they could worsen the condition.


The side effects:

Are there any side effects? Not really. Due to the patient’s own blood is used, there are no adverse effects. You will most likely have light swelling and bruising are after the injections, but these subside in a few days. To avoid infection, the injected area should be kept clean for 24hrs.


Finally, the recovery time…

The Vampire Facial may require a recovery time of three days to a week. Some redness and bruising may occur as mentioned above which will disappear on the second day. On the third day, the swelling reduces. The changes do not always cause significant downtime hence you can resume your regular duties after your appointment.


If you want to know why this treatment is popular, then just ask the likes of Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli. These celebrities have both undergone the Vampire facelift, and understand that the treatment is not just another hype cosmetic procedure; it is effective.

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