Skin Plan

Aesthetic skin treatments are growing in popularity and it is easy to explain: they work; the result is last and they help you look young and well.

When aesthetic treatments done right many people would complement you on your fresh look without knowing that you have had some Botox or Dermal fillers.

To maintain this natural youthful looks you need to have treatment on regular basis.

At Shine Medical we understand that sometimes the cost of the treatment can be a barrier for patient.

That is why we are pleased to introduce a payment scheme, where our customers can budget for their treatment monthly.


Skin Plan

So what is Skin Plan?

It is a monthly payment system that allows to have you some repeated treatments such as Botox on regular basis from as little as £37.00 per month


Which treatments can be included in your Skin plan?

The most popular Skin plan treatment is anti-wrinkle injections and the price as following:

Having treatment 3 times per year

Botox 1 area – £38 per month

Botox 2 areas – £50 per month

Botox 3 areas – £67 per month

Having treatment 4 times per year

Botox 1 area – £50.00 per month

Botox 2 areas – £67.00 per month

Botox 3 areas – £92.00 per month

Other treatments such as Dermal Fillers, skin peels and micro-needling can be included.


Do I pay extra % for Skin Plan?

No, there is no extra cost involve.


What benefits do I get from Skin Plan?

Skin plan was design to help you spread the cost of regular treatments over the year period.

Each customer who subscribed for Skin Plan get 10% off for all other treatments at Shine Medical that are not a part of your individual Skin Plan Scheme.


Can I change my Skin Plan or cancel?

You can add or remove treatments from your Skin Plan .

You can cancel your Skin Plan and we usually ask for 3 month notice period. You can transfer the treatment that you have paid for by skin plan to someone else.

In terms of unforeseen circumstances such as medical condition that prevent you from having treatment you will receive 100% refund from the amount that you have paid if treatment was not provided. Letter from the Doctor will be required.

If you have already received a treatment- you will not be entitled to refund.


Can I receive the treatment and pay after by Skin Plan?

No .

Skin plan allow you to spread the cost of your treatments upfront. It is not a finance agreement.


How do I pay?

Payment monthly by direct debit that is collected by 3d part GoCardless.


How do I joint?

Easy 3 steps

1.You need to speak with our Doctor and get advice on what treatments you will benefit from subscribing to the Skin Plan.

Signed your paper Skin Plan agreement
3.Go on our web-site and login to Skin plan page that will transfer you to GoCardless secure portal where you will enter your payment details


Who is GoCardless?

Online Direct Debit System, easy to set up and manage.

GoCardless is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009, registration number 597190, for the provision of payment services.

Address : CoCardless ltd, 338-346 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7LQ, United Kingdom



Shine Medical is not collecting or storing any of your bank details.

Skin plan is ongoing agreement and will be automatically renewed annually, unless we will be advised by our client otherwise.

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