Aesthetic skin treatments are growing in popularity and it is easy to explain: they work; the result is last and they help you look young and well.

When aesthetic treatments done right many people would complement you on your fresh look without knowing that you have had some Botox or Dermal fillers.

To maintain this natural youthful looks you need to have treatment on regular basis.

At Shine Medical we understand that sometimes the cost of the treatment can be a barrier for patient.

That is why we are pleased to introduce a payment scheme, where our customers can budget for their treatment monthly.


Dear all, February and March have been such busy months for us and we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting news!

First of all, as you all know we are in the middle of our renovation work at our clinic in Mapperly. That is reaching the end now. The first floor, we have the aesthetics, skincare, beauty therapy and teaching area which was finished at the beginning of February. And on our ground floor, which will be purely hairdressing, is going to be finished by the end of April!

Easy Phytic Peel.

Siaan, Patient Coordinator and Social Media Manager shares her experience.

At Shine Medical we are always kept very busy looking after our clients and very rarely get the chance to have this miracle treatment ourselves. You might be wondering why this is a miracle treatment? The answer is simple, this treatment and in fact, all treatments that we offer are clinically tested and proved to give fantastic results which last.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Cosmetic Courses in Nottingham led by Aesthetic Dentist and Trainer Dr Olha Vorodukhina. Dr Olha is the founder of Shine Medical, a dedicated aesthetic skin clinic located in Nottingham and the brand new location for Cosmetic Courses in the East Midlands

Dr Olha started off as a Dentist herself. From here she developed a love and interest for aesthetic procedures. After graduating Olha started to share her time between aesthetic training and dentistry. Olha is now the proud owner of Shine Medical  and we are excited to see what the future holds working alongside her!

Cosmetic Courses in Nottingham – What does being a model for Cosmetic Courses involve?

Cosmetic Courses in Nottingham

Cosmetic Courses is the longest running provider of medical aesthetic teaching in the UK. With over 15 years of experience we teach doctors, dentists and nurses how to safely and confidently administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments. From 2017, Shine Medical based in Nottingham will be the representative for Cosmetic Courses across the Midlands.

If you are based near Nottingham and are considering modelling for facial aesthetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers then contact Cosmetic Courses or Shine Medical today.

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