Before and immediately after lips augmentation using 0.5ml of Juvederm Smile. Treatment done at Shine Medical. Patient gave full consent for images to be used.

Since many celebrities has confessed that their perfect pout is due to the lip filler – this treatment became one of the most popular non-surgical procedure. Lips augmentation is popular among all generation and ages: younger girls want their lips to be fuller and noticeable, when middle age ladies choose more conservative approach and would like restore youthful appearance of the lips without anyone noticed that they have the treatment.


At Shine Medical we are putting  safety of any cosmetic procedures before anything  and we are  delighted to be recognised   for  that    and be part of  Save Face  for 2nd year.

What is Save Face?

As an Accredited Register, Save Face is now part of a programme recognised by the Government, The Department of Health, NHS England, The Care Quality Commission and Health Education England.


Choosing the reputable clinic and experienced aesthetic Doctor who you can trust is vital for successful treatment outcome.  That is why   your consultation at Aesthetic clinic is one of the most important parts of the overall treatment process.

Make sure that you are receiving treatment from medically qualified practitioner such as Doctor, Dentist or Medical nurse.  Who must have registration with their regulatory body.


Do you know that early  and moderate signs of hair loss can be treated without hair transplant surgery ?

Cosmetic procedure such as PRP ( platelets rich plasma treatment), micro-needling  and CO2 therapy  can be very effective  to prevent  and treat  alopecia.


7 May 2015, Dentistry

Olha Vorodyukhina says facial aesthetics can help you to increase your revenue, attract more private patients and will help your practice to standout

The dental industry in the 21st century is something quite spectacular when you think about it.

Intra-oral cameras, the Cerec machine, a wide ranging choice of adult brace systems from six-month smiles to invisible braces, teeth whitening, minimally invasive veneers and crowns, bioactive-restorative and the latest resin materials.

Dentists have all the tools that are required to improve the appearance of teeth. However, straight and white teeth are only one component of a beautiful smile. Smile design has become a popular treatment, and is offered in every dental practice. But do we really deliver this? Unfortunately sometimes we are so obsessed with perfection of our dental work (perfect crown margins, no microleakadge of composite restorations with perfect interproximal contacts) that we fail to look beyond the mouth. A perfect smile cannot be achieved with asymmetrical lips, deep naso-labial, marionette lines or smoker’s lines (the fine lines around the vermilion boarder, a consequence of loss of collagen through aging but accelerated in smokers).

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