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  • Barbed
  • Non-barbed

The former will give you lift whilst the latter will mainly have impact on skin quality and increase collagen production. Although when used in such delicate areas such as the tear trough, lifting effects have been reported as well.

3) Although treatments are mainly used for targeting areas on the face, PDO threads can also be used on the body.

4) The procedure takes 30-90  minutes and done under local anaesthetics.

5) PDO thread results can last between 18 month and up to 3 years depending on age, skin condition and the treated area!

6) Price for that treatment starts at around £350 for lower and upper eye lid lifting, and may go up to £2000 -£3000 for full non-surgical face and neck lift.

Prices also depend on;

  • Number and types of threads that the practitioner will use.
  • Experience and time of your practitioner.

7) The PDO thread will dissolve naturally under the tissue over a short period of time at 6 months.  After threads are dissolved your body has produced a natural chain of collagen that helps for result of the treatment to last.

8) PDO threads can be combined with other treatments such as Vampire Facial or PRPBotox injections, dermal fillers and mico- needling .

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