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October 2016 Monthly Archives

You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat A guide to eating your way to healthier looking skin. I’m sure most of you have a rigorous routine that involves exfoliating, cleansing, creaming and goodness knows what else that you do on a daily basis to make your skin look and feel great, or maybe you’ve opted for a… Continue Reading

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7 Signs Of Ageing

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Sadly, we will all endure many devastating things that come with age and one of those is the ageing of our skin. You may be sitting there thinking, ‘I’m young, I’ve got plenty of time’, right? Wrong! Ageing starts at the age of 25 There are 7 known sigs of ageing and if you notice… Continue Reading

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Shine Medical Open Evening Review

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For  the last two months the Shine Medical team have been working very hard. On top of our busy day to day work schedule we had been planning and organising our open evening event. On the 15th of October, Shine Medical hosted one of their many anticipated open evenings, which is open  to both  existing and new clients.  This  time in particular, we… Continue Reading

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Shine Medical Introduces Enerpeel System

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Shine Medical Introduces Enerpeel System Enerpeel® is a form of chemical peels that are different to other forms of peels as they focus on achieving activity inside the skin rather than on the skin. The emphasis is on skin remodelling concentrating on rejuvenation, lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, pigmentation, sun damage but also acne, rosacea, oil… Continue Reading

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