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Anti-wrinkle treatmentAgeing is accompanied by the appearance of two types of wrinkles:

1. Dynamic wrinkles, caused by muscles activity, for instance frowning which causes wrinkles between the eyebrows, crows-feet– which is as result of smiling.

2. Static wrinkles associated with loss of volume, for example deep lines around the lips and nose (nasolabial lines)

Anti-wrinkle injections are designed to treat and prevent dynamic lines by suppressing muscle activity.

What is an anti-wrinkle injection? It is naturally occurring proteins which are injected into the muscles and work as muscle relaxants. We use Allegran product “BOTOX” and Merz product “Bocouture”.

What does the treatment involve? The procedure involves small injections which usually cause only a minor sensation of discomfort.  On your request a topical anaesthetic can be applied to the skin prior the treatment or we can use a COOLTech medical device which significantly reduces the tenderness during the injections.

What is the result? Smooth lines and no wrinkles –  you will be looking natural and fresh. We definitely avoid giving you that ‘frozen look’!  You will notice the results in between 5-10 days after the treatment and it lasts approximately 3-4 months.

Side effects?  Mild discomfort and redness can occur at the site of injections but this usually fades the following day. Occasionally there can be minor bruising to the skin.

Hyperhidrosis   Some individuals suffer from excessive sweating known as Hyperhidrosis. This can be simply treated with Botox injections to the problem area.


[spoiler title="Dermal fillers & lip fillers"]

Dermal fillers & lip fillers

With aging the skin loses its elasticity and volume leading to a ‘sagging’ appearance. Dermal fillers work by replacing this lost volume and rehydrating the skin from within, restoring the skin’s youthful smooth contours. Dermal fillers are widely used to treat static lines (deep wrinkles) around the lips (nasolabial and marionette lines) deep glabella wrinkles, to plump the lips and restore the lips contours and to add volume to cheeks. Modern fillers can also be used as prevention of aging and treatment for fine lines as well as rejuvenation of the neck, décolletage and hands.

What product do we use? We use all types of ‘Juvederm’ fillers by Allegran and ‘Radiesse’ by Merz. The former are based on hyaluronic acid, which is natural component of our body, the later principle component is  Calcium Hydroxylapatite(also natural component of our body) and it  used for treatment of deeper lines. ‘Radiesse’ encourage your skin to produce natural collagen.

Juvederm Hydrate – specially formulated to bring deep hydration to the face, neck, décolletage and hands

Juvederm Ultra Smile – dedicated to enhancing lip volume and redefining lip shape

Juvederm Ultra 2 – treats medium wrinkles

Juvederm Ultra 3 – smooth’s medium and deep wrinkles like those between the nose and corner of the mouth

Juvederm Ultra 4 – works on most noticeable folds and lines

Juvederm Voluma – specially formulated to restore facial volume such as re-shaping the chin and cheek areas.

Radiesse – Used to treat the lower part of the face (nasolabial lines, marionette lines and hand rejuvenation). Also used to add volume to your cheeks.

How long does the effect last?  Dermal fillers gives you instant result and it lasts between 6 to 12 month depending on type of fillers that are used and the individual.

What does the procedure involve? The treated area will be anaesthetised with topical or local anaesthetic which will be applied before the injection of fillers.


[spoiler title="Skin Peels"]

Skin PeelsOne life, one skin.  Why not give your skin an extra boost and bring back a natural, healthy and youthful appearance? Skin peels can rejuvenate your skin and almost instantly take years off your look.

Indications for skin peel:

-  General Photo Ageing, Smokers Skin, Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Open Pores

-  Hyperpigmentation (sun damage)

-  Lentigines and (solar) Keratosis – Face/Hands/Forearms

-  Active Acne

- Rosacea

What to expect from the skin peel treatments?

After the first session, you will notice an instant improvement. Patients will report a brighter skin and improvement in texture and tone.

Peels help to reduce mild to moderate acne and are an excellent Anti-Aging treatment.

What skin peel do we use?

 Enerpeel® skin peels don’t peel they remodel! Enerpeel® deliver treatment ingredients deep into the skin, remodelling without excessive exfoliation and surface trauma. The Enerpeel® emphasis is on remodelling, restructuring, rejuvenating, reducing sun and age damage and controlling skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, thread veins, pigmentation and many more with minimal downtime ensuring you can carry on with life as normal.


 ENERPEEL® is a carrier solution which restrains the key ingredients and their strength of activity and can be adjusted to release the ingredients at the desired skin depth for maximal results.  However, this is not a buffered peel.  This mechanism of action minimises surface trauma which can cause reddening, frosting, peeling and downtime, but maximises the activity in the skin to promote improved skin structure and function. Ultimately, the ENERPEEL® system aims to correct many skin issues efficiently and far more effectively than standard peels by triggering gene expression of matrix remodelling components.


The Different Enerpeel® systems contain specific ingredient combinations to target the active treatment components to each individual skin condition. The whole Enerpeel® range contains the ingredient MSM which has shown to promote normal healing and to restrict chemicals that may cause irregular or abnormal healing.

 Enerpeel® Salicylic Acid – Designed to break down oil and surface debris in acneic skins, while also introducing the three key ingredients to control inflammation, kill bacteria, reduce oil production and normalise excess skin cell production.


 Enerpeel® SA Chest & Back – This area can be hard to treat, but with this new specialised Enerpeel you can really target your chest and back acne.


 Enerpeel® Mandelic Acid – Designed for the management of rosacea, Thread veins, Hyper pigmentation, hyper sensitive skin, Hyper reactive skin, broken capillaries and is ideal for peeling throughout the summer months and for those with sensitive skin.


 Enerpeel® Pyruvic Acid – Controls oily skin, reduces pore size and can be used for anti-ageing, photo ageing, flabby skin and mild actinic keratosis. This EnerPeel can also be used on the chest and neck.


 Enerpeel® Jesners – Lactic acid component for reducing non inflammatory pigmentation, Oil control, moderate actinic keratosis, moderate to severe photo-aging and chromo-ageing .


 Enerpeel® Eye &Lip – Specifically designed for treating in and around the eye socket and the lip margin; the two age defining areas of the face. A treatment for hyper-pigmentation, actinic keratosis, chrono-aging and photo-ageing on the periocular and labial areas.


 Enerpeel® TCA LP 25%& TCA Strong 40% - For anti-ageing, sun damage, moderate to severe photo-ageing and chrono-ageing, severe hyper-pigmentation, severe scars and raised scar reduction. The TCA Strong offers deeper remodelling and can also be used for pre and post surgical use.


 Enerpeel® systems are supported by research and results from clinical trials.  We have specific treatment protocols for every skin condition; from acne to rosacea, from dark eyes to loose skin, and from cellulite to thread veins. All protocols have been properly researched and evaluated by leading dermatological research centres across Europe.


What does the treatment involve?

The treatment takes approximately 30mins.  The procedure involves a skin assessment, pre-peel preparation, application of the peeling solution and post peel skin care.  The treatment is pain free and you can apply make-up in around 24 hours afterwards.


[spoiler title="Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy"]

Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy Significantly improves the appearance of: aged and sun damage skin, facial and décolleté wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks

Genuine Dermaroller.  Is a natural skin regeneration and scar repair treatment.  It normally requires 2 to 5 procedures: results in up to 75% skin improvement.  The number of treatments depends on your skin type and condition. This will be discussed by your specialist doctor at your consultation appointment. You will see an improvement in your skin after the first procedure. It may take up to 6 weeks to see the results and the rejuvenation will continue for the next six months.

Recommended for aged and sun damaged skin, facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles, hand wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Can be used to treat most parts of your body.

When treating stretch marks and acne scars the results will be permanent.

For sun damaged and aged skin it is recommended to have a top-up once a year after completing an initial course of treatment.

Procedure: The Doctor will use a Genuine Dermaroller medical device which uses thousands of micro-medical needle columns which penetrate into the skin. A topical anaesthetic will be applied before the procedure to make the treatment comfortable. The procedure will take approximately 1 hour.  Just after the treatment your skin will look slightly red and similar to the appearance of light sun burn or when you have just had a sauna.  Normally the redness will reduce in 1 hour and it should completely disappear within 24 hours.  Very rarely it may take couple days until the redness completely disappears.  After the treatment, your skin will be stimulated to start producing new collagen and rejuvenate naturally.

After care products will be provided by your practitioner.

Results:  Younger, fresher skin with significant improvements in the appearance of pigmentation and scaring.

Our clinic is an authorised client of Genuine Dermaroller treatments on:

Genuine Dermaroller is a favourite treatment of many celebrities: like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Marcia Cross, Lindsay Lohan, and Felicity Huffman.


[spoiler title="8 point face lift"]

8 point face lift.The 8 Point Lift also known as ‘The Liquid Facelift’ is a specialised non-surgical treatment using dermal fillers to restore volume and structure of the face to give the skin the support it needs .  The 8 Point Lift targets key areas of the face to lift, contour and revitalise the whole face.

What does the treatment involve?

It involves injections of Dermal filers. Syringe or cannula can be used  depends on treated area and your face anatomy.  The areas that can be treated are marked on the photo. Topical anaesthetic can be applied  prior the treatment. The treatment takes around 40 min to an hour. 

What the result can I expect?

The result is instant  and can last to up 18 months. You will look and feel natural. The treatment not only restore the lost volume  and lift your face but also improves skin texture and helps to reduce fine lines. Gives your skin young, brightening  appearance.

What products do we use?

For 8 point face lift we use Juvederm Vycross products, that is none permanent fillers and their main component is hyloronic acid.  Vycross range  last longer and are not broken down as quickly as  Juvederm Ultra range. In addition they draw more water in to the skin. Plumper more youthful skin results.

Juvederm  Voluma: restores volume in the cheeks and chin

Juvederm  Volbella: for enhancement and pouting of lips

Juvederm  Volift : designed for deeper lines and wrinkles including nose to mouth lines.

What is the possible side effects?

There is very little downtime with this procedure, however with Dermal Fillers, there is always a chance of some down-time as there is always a risk of bruising  and small swelling around the treated area that usually resolved within very short period of time.

What is the cost?

The price will based on the number syringes that will required for the treatment and will be discuss with you at your initial consultation appointment. 

On average for your fist treatment you will required between 3 to 5 syringes of the Dermal fillers.


[spoiler title="Carboxy Therapy, CO2"]

carboxy_therapy“The miracle gas”  Brazilian Vogue

A revolutionary advance in skin rejuvenation 

What is Carboxy Therapy?

Carboxytherapy is a safe, minimally invasive medical procedure, which produces dramatic improvements to the skin. It is clinically proven to improve skin texture, contour and firmness.    

It is performed by a medically trained professional and is a great advance in aesthetic medicine. 


Is Carboxy therapy for me?

Carboxytherapy is excellent for treating:

- Stretch marks

- Scars

- Eye wrinkles, under-eye dark circles

- Face wrinkles

- Localized fat ( arms, thighs, abdomen)

- Cellulite 

- Under chin fat

- Skin rejuvenation & tightening (face, neck, hands)

- Pre/post  Liposuction

- Hair loss

It is growing in popularity as one of the new wave of non surgical rejuvenating treatments. That make up the no trace face, it is a very safe procedure that is comfortable, quick, effective, convenient and affordable


How does it work?

The procedure involves injecting small amounts of medical grade carbon dioxide gas under the skin. Once injected beneath the skin´s surface it creates an area that the body recognizes as oxygen deficit. The body responds by increasing the flow of blood to the area which provides a surge of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area and 

improves circulation resulting in cell restoration.


How many sessions before I see an improvement?

Most people see a result after the first treatment.

More pronounced and long lasting results are seen after 4-12 treatments, by which the skin shows clear signs of healthy cellular rejuvenation.


Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is completely natural. Some people experience mild discomfort during the injecting of the gas.


How long will recovery take?

There is no recovery time.

The perfect lunch-time procedure!


Are there any side-effects?

Mild pain at the injection site and possible bruising.


“The biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since BOTOX” 

Daily Mail UK


“The results are really amazing, the length of the stretch mark is considerably reduced and the white colour has disappeared”

Vrote Beaute Magazine, France


“This anti-ageing treatment takes years off your skin by eliminating fat cells and stimulating the production of collagen”

Woman´s Own


“Carboxy therapy proves very effective against bikini drama. It breaks up fatty deposits, stimulates collagen and fades stretch marks “


We are proud to be one  of the first clinics offering CO2 therapy in the Midlands.

[spoiler title="None surgical rhinoplasty"]

What is hot in Aesthetics industry this autumn?

None surgical rhinoplasty – 15 minutes nose job. 

Available now at Shine Medical.

Read this article to find out more information and feel free to book your free no obligation consultation. 

Nose is the most prominent and noticeable future of our face .  Rhinoplasty ( plastic surgery of the nose|) is one of the most rewarding and desirable cosmetic procedure   .Until recently the only way to correct the nose was to go under the knife.  But  many people  who  are not happy with the shape of their nose   would not want to take the risks that are involve with  surgery or can’t afford  the expensive cost  ( rhinoplasty can cost anything between £2500- £4000) 

None –surgical rhinoplasty is a safer and cheaper alternative to the surgical treatment. The technique was develop first in Brazil 7 years ago and it involves using dermal fillers injections. This treatments gets more and more popular in the UK .

Industry expert Dr.Olha Vorodyukhina says:  This is one of the most rewarding cosmetic treatments, as it make considerable difference that you can see instantly after the treatment. And this is one of those treatment that can brings tears of happiness when patents see the result.

When people come to my clinic some of them wonder how you can make the nose look smaller by adding more material to it . The answer to that is,   that most people who are not happy with their nose has asymmetrical nose. By adding dermal fillers into the parts of the nose to make it look symmetrical we ultimately make it look smaller.

So what can be done with none–surgical rhinoplasty:

- Correction of the mild to moderate bump on the nose 

- Correction of the nose tip projection 

- Correction of the crooked nose

- Asymmetrical and broken noses can be corrected 

- small nose can be build up 

- nose can be straightening 


Who is suitable for that treatment:

People who are not happy with the shape of their nose, have had surgical rhinoplasty in the past and still want some correction, medically fit people.

Initial consultation is always required when all your concerns and preferences for changes will be discussed. Procedure will be explained in details including possible risks and complication.


What is the actual treatment involve?

Application of topical anaesthetic 15-20  before treatment.

 Precise Injection of small amount of dermal fillers into the required parts of the nose to achieve the desirable result. The product will be massaged and you will see instant result.  You  will be  fully involve into the treatment process.


As was mentioned few times before, the result is instant and last between 12-24 month. As nose is none mobile part, the breakdown of dermal filler is slower that in lips o cheeks.


What product are used:

 At Shine Medical we use Juvederm range of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers.


What can not be corrected with none –surgical rhinoplasty

Procedure has it’s limitation , some cases will not benefit from none –surgical rhinoplasty and that will be advised by the Doctor  during your consultation. If this is the case we will be able to organise referral to the Country leading plastic surgeons for surgical treatment if patient desires so.

Breathing difficulties can not be corrected with none-surgical rhinoplasty.


How do I fee after the treatment ?

After anaesthetic will wear off you may feel mild discomfort in the treated area,  redness, mild swelling  and bruising can occur in some cases. This usually resolve within few days. You always provided with after care instructions and Doctors  telephone number, that you can contact 24/7 if you have any concerns.


What is the cost ?

None surgical rhinoplasty cost £ 300

At Shine Medical.

We offer free consultations for all our clients.



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